I thought this looked cool

I thought this looked cool

These guys are so pop-punk. realfriendsband

These guys are so pop-punk. realfriendsband

Anonymous asked: If we lived anywhere near each other you best believe I'd be doing my best to be your girlfriend because you're the raddest guy on tumblr and holy shit you're super attractive<3

Wow! That’s really flattering. I’m glad someone thinks that way

Anonymous asked: You're really fuckin attractive. Shit. I just wanna cuddle and smoke and eat with you all day and cuddle at night, fuck.

Please. Do exactly that

Suggest me some shows

So far I’ve watched:
Doctor who
The walking dead
Breaking bad
A young doctor’s notebook
And I’m currently watching: mad men, house of cards,inuyasha,soul eater

So based on those things suggest something I might like

It&#8217;s not a metaphor

It’s not a metaphor

Have you ever just looked at the stars.? They look fucking cool as shit.

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Someone fuck me

I think it’s really important that we understand and listen to the arguments that anti-feminists, racists, anti-sjws, misogynists


And all of the people that just criticize us as minorities/women/black people/lgbtq+ all of their arguments against us because it opens our eyes to either a) fuckery to fight against or b) faults that we MAY be guilty of.

We may not agree with what they say, but it’s important that we know what they’re saying.